Snap Pixy: Snapchat’s Flying Version of Spectacles

It’s a tiny semi-intelligent autonomous drone.

Snap Pixy: Snapchat's Flying Version of Spectacles
Image: Snap

Snap has created Pixy, a tiny semi-intelligent autonomous drone with cameras to capture precious moments like strolls on the beach, hikes in the forests, and intimate picnics at the park. This is the second hardware product launched by the company. The first was a camera-equipped Spectacle sunglasses that were launched in 2016.

Snap has revealed Pixy

The Pixy is another attempt by Snap to convince everyone, including itself, that it’s a camera company rather than a social network for covertly sharing intimate photos. Pixy is banana-coloured, and no one is amazed by the choice as 2022 is turning out to be the year of yellow gadgets. Snap’s new innovation weighs only 101 grams and is designed to document candid moments without a long arm or a selfie stick.


Pixy can take the air without anyone at the controls as there are none. A person can select one from a choice of four pre-programmed flight modes. One will simply hover in the air in front of you, another will orbit around you, and another will follow you from behind when you are walking or running.


When it’s time to land, a user needs to stick their hand behind the drone, and it will touch down on their palm. Images on Snap’s new gadget are captured as 12MP stills while capturing 2K videos. Both are saved to the paltry 16GB of storage until Pixy is connected to a smartphone and the Snapchat app. When that happens, Pixy will send all its files over wirelessly. Then, a user can share and edit it by using Snapchat’s various tools and filters.


Pixy doesn’t have expandable memory, and there won’t even be a memory card slot. The rechargeable battery of the drone lasts for just five to eight flights and those a limited to 10 or 20 seconds each. To expand that flight time, a user will need to stock up on additional batteries that cost about US$ 30 per piece.


Snap has set the pricing of Pixy at US$ 230 or AU$ 320. The ease of use seems to be Pixy’s USP. You can start capturing memories with it as soon as you get it out of the box. There is no need for flight training.

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