tick, tick…BOOM! is a Tribute to Jonathan Larson and Broadway

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s heartfelt tribute to Broadway

tick, tick … BOOM! is a Tribute to Jonathan Larson and Broadway
Andrew Garfield shines in tick, tick…BOOM! Credit: Netflix

New musical drama film, tick, tick…BOOM! takes us into the life of Jonathan Larson. The heartfelt tribute stars Andrew Garfield in the lead role. Jonathan Larson was a renowned Broadway talent who composed Rent, an iconic show from the 90s.

However, tragically, Larson died at the age of 35 due to aortic failure just before the opening night of the show. His death turned into a metaphor that is pretty much unbearable for the world musical theatre.

The film, tick, tick…BOOM! takes a lot of inspiration from the autobiographical piece that came before Rent. Overall, tick, tick…BOOM! revolves around the irony that Jonathan Larson could not have ever expected.


After going through the quarter-life crisis and seeing various options close, who knew the talent would not even get to see Rent get all the critical acclaim. This is something that many people in the creative arts go through.

For instance, when would be the right time to give up and get into a boring alternate career such as accounting? Life is like a time bomb that’s constantly ticking, and hence the name, tick, tick…BOOM!


In the film, we will see Garfield’s young talent struggling while Stephen Sondheim remains by his side. Bradley Whitford will be playing the role of Stephen in a cameo.

Andrew Garfield is apparently the perfect actor to play the role of Jonathan Larson in tick, tick…BOOM! After all, Jonathan Larson was creative, always on and looking for inspiration, and very charming. And that fits Andrew Garfield’s persona just right.

However, unlike many other movies, tick, tick…BOOM! is certainly not the one that gives a happy ending to the main character. For Larson, there really is no opening night. However, he only has a belief that all the slog will be worth it someday.


The movie, tick, tick…BOOM! is now on Netflix. Fans might desperately be waiting for the epic biographical drama film that showcases the acclaimed playwright.


Watch the official trailer of tick! tick… BOOM!


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