Tiger King Season 2: A Dull Rehash of the Joe Exotic Story

An unnecessary sequel.

Tiger King Season 2: A Dull Rehash of the Joe Exotic Story
Tiger King season 2. Credit: Netflix

Admit it, most of us watched Tiger King Season 1 not because it was interesting but because we were stuck at home due to the pandemic and needed to pass the time. The show was not well-made, and its tacky glory was enough to keep us distracted from the virus stress. Now, Tiger King season 2 has been released, and if you have not watched it yet, you are not missing much.

Warning: Tiger King season 2 spoilers beyond this point. 

The first episode of the new season of Tiger King deals with the effect the first season had on its subjects. Baskin went on Dancing with the Stars and uploaded several videos of herself reading old diary entries so that people do not talk about the disappearance of her second husband. Of course, her efforts failed as people used the videos to gather more evidence against her.


Joe Exotic is still in prison as he did not get a presidential pardon from former US President Donald Trump. In Season 2, he still makes righteous vows of vengeance over the phone against people who have wronged him. Those who have nothing productive to do might find this season of Tiger King interesting, especially when you see the lurid characters react to sudden fame.

One standout scene of Season 2 was when the sympathizers of Joe Exotic went to the Capitol on January 6 to demand pardon, but the protestors rejected them. When they were leaving, one of them got a text regarding the chaos that happened there. The person voiced the hope that their banner- Pardon Joe Exotic got some attention.


After the first episode, Season 2 explores the disappearance of Don Lewis. It proves that Tiger King is a middling true-crime series that is not unique. As things have changed since the first season of Tiger King was released, people have found better uses for their time. They do not want to waste it on Season 2 of the series that was not very compelling in the first place.


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