You Season 4: A Bold New Twist to Joe Goldberg’s Story Pays Off

‘You’ Season 4: Part 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

You Season 4: A Bold New Twist to Joe Goldberg's Story Pays Off
‘You’ Season 4. Image credit: Netflix

Hello You.


The infamous Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley is back, the serial killer who has a love for baseball caps and highbrow literature, in the latest season of “You.” This time, he has a new identity, a new location, and a new mission. To everyone’s relief, Joe’s latest target is not another innocent woman. Instead, he finds himself in a new predicament as he desperately tries to uncover the identity of the “Eat the Rich Killer,” a mysterious stranger who is taking out wealthy members of the Oxford community where Joe has found himself. The twist? This killer is well aware of Joe’s true identity and his entire history of murder. This spells trouble for Joe, who was hoping for a relaxing trip to the UK.

The conclusion of the third season of You witnessed Joe escaping after killing his wife Love and leaving their baby son behind, while pretending to be dead. The beginning of season four finds Joe in London, under a new disguise, Professor Jonathan Moore, teaching American short fiction at a university. He’s now surrounded by a fresh set of quirky characters, who all knew each other as students at Oxford. Joe’s new acquaintances, the Oxford clique, embody everything he detests – wealthy, entitled elites who have received their fame and wealth without working for it.


So far, each season of You has taken place in a different city, featuring a unique cast of characters who tend to be exaggerated. Season 4 is no exception. Just as the second season depicted LA hipsters and the third season focused on toxic mom influencers, season 4 explores the world of the wealthy and royal. Despite the typical over-the-top depictions, some characters in the supporting cast stand out. Charlotte Ritchie’s Kate is a memorable character who, despite being part of the elite, has a poignant backstory that softens her initial cold exterior. Tilly Keeper is a joy to watch as Lady Phoebe, who, despite her royal status, is not cruel or callous like her wealthy peers. Keeper’s comedic timing is impeccable, but like Ritchie, she also brings a touching emotional side as a woman who feels isolated and misunderstood despite her wealth. Ed Speleers also shines as Rhys Montrose, an author and an unlikely member of the Oxford group who was born into poverty.


Overall, the new supporting cast works well against Joe, but at times can be a bit too exaggerated. While You has always had over-the-top characters, there may be a limit to how much can be done with royalty before it loses its humor. The Oxford group is not as memorable as previous supporting characters such as Sherry and Cary Conrad or even Artisanal Soda Bro Benji. Of course, there’s no one quite like Love Quinn. Pedretti’s mesmerizing and chilling performance as Love brought new energy to the show, so when she met her demise in the previous season, it was uncertain how the series would continue without her. To be truthful, You lost its core with Love, who was Joe’s perfect match, and her absence is felt in season 4. Without Pedretti, there is a sense of something lacking. However, season 4 showed that You can still be successful without Love because it finally broke away from its tried-and-true formula.


Aside from Pedretti’s exceptional performance in the last two seasons, Love’s introduction to the series was so successful because she presented Joe with his first true challenge – a reflection of himself. She turned the tables on Joe and challenged the expected outcome of another Beck situation, where Joe would stalk, charm, and eventually kill his target. Love was different from Joe’s previous targets and presented a new dynamic for the series, one that saw Joe on the defensive for once. This change in dynamic made Love’s presence in the show unforgettable and a significant factor in the success of the previous seasons. However, with Love gone, there was a sense that something was missing in Season 4. The trailer for the new season showed Joe chasing Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) through the streets of a new city, leading many to believe that the show was going back to its original formula. The question remained, was Marienne just another Beck, or would the series break from its tried-and-true formula and offer something new?


This shift in perspective offers a unique opportunity for introspection and self-reflection for Joe. He is forced to confront his own actions and the fact that what he has been doing all along is not only illegal, but morally reprehensible. This season of You asks the question, what does it truly mean to be a monster? And it does so by forcing Joe to confront the monster that he has become. By putting him in a situation where he is the one being stalked and exposed, he is finally made to understand the terror that he has inflicted on so many others. In this way, the show highlights the insidious and toxic nature of toxic masculinity and the ways in which people can justify their own violent and abusive behavior. All in all, Season 4 of You proves that the series is still as gripping and relevant as ever, even without Love.


Similarly, Season 4 continues this trend of keeping us on our toes. The first half is intriguing, but it’s the second half that truly delivers. With Marienne in control and Joe on the run, the power dynamic is flipped, and we are given a new perspective on the series. While Joe has always been the one pulling the strings and manipulating those around him, Marienne is not so easily swayed. She is one step ahead and in control, making the audience question who the real villain is. With its masterful twists and character developments, You proves once again that it is not just a mindless thriller but a complex and nuanced examination of the human psyche. With its unique and captivating take on love, obsession, and murder, You continues to captivate audiences and keep us on the edge of our seats with every episode.


However, the second half of Season 4 brings back that spark in spades. With the reveal of the Eat the Rich killer, the stakes are raised and the tension is palpable. Joe’s attempt to regain control over the situation is the perfect setup for the twists and turns that You is known for. As always, the show keeps you guessing and leaves you constantly surprised. It’s a testament to the writing and the cast’s ability to bring these characters to life in a way that keeps us invested and invested in their journeys. The twists are shocking, the characters are compelling, and the story is as gripping as ever. In short, Season 4 is a return to form for You and is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat just as much as the previous seasons have.


You is known for its twists and turns, and Season 4 does not disappoint in this aspect. The first half of the season focuses on the mystery of the Eat the Rich killer and Joe’s efforts to uncover the identity of his own stalker. While it is an engaging watch, it lacks the extra spark that kept viewers on the edge of their seats in previous seasons. But, Part 2 of the season changes this. The last five episodes are a tour de force, showing off Penn Badgley’s impressive acting skills. Badgley brings Joe’s thoughts, actions, and emotions to life with such nuance that it reminds viewers why they love the show in the first place. Despite taking a risk by moving away from its tried-and-true formula, You Season 4 is a bold and unexpected success with twists and turns that leave viewers positively reeling. Joe Goldberg continues to shock and impress, even after four seasons.


You Season 4

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