Brace Yourselves – NSW Lockdown Set to Last for 90 Days

Time to mark your calendars and plan how to spend those days

Brace Yourselves - NSW Lockdown Set to Last for 90 Days


It’s time for people to start marking their calendars as the NSW lockdown will last for at least 90 days according to cops. The Police Commissioner of the State, Mick Fuller has shared this information. As of now, NSW is on complete lockdown, and people who are out of the home for no valid reason can be given on the spot fines of AUD 1,000.


Talking about the duration of NSW lockdown, which is the result of coronavirus pandemic, Fuller made a few statements via a Press Conference on Thursday morning. He said “It is 90 days, and I certainly won’t be seeking an extension. Hopefully people will have gotten the message by then.”

Though it is not assured that NSW lockdown will end after 90 days, it can mean that the penalties might be lifted when that period ends. So, if you have taken steps to prepare for coronavirus, make sure you stick to them for 90 days. The penalties are quite steep as in addition to the AUD 1,000 fine; a person can also be levied a fine of AUD 11,000 and given six months in jail by the court.


The main aim of the NSW lockdown is to control the number of infected cases and help to flatten the curve. People are only allowed to leave home if they have to work or study, access healthcare, visit family, exercise or have a personal emergency.

People made the most of the exercise loophole by gathering in bunches in parks. Now, police will crack down on such people. Talking about it, Fuller said, “I get it, and we want people to be able to stay fit and physically and psychologically healthy. But, of course, if I said it’s OK to sit on a park bench, then everyone is going to go to the park and we’re going to end up back where we started.”


The police have already fined a man AUD 1,000 for drinking alcohol and refusing to leave a park. Another was fined when he washed car windscreens for small change. Commenting on it, Fuller said “You know, I think it’s entirely appropriate. I’m reviewing all of these tickets personally, which would never happen again for any other time. And I’ll continue to do that.”

The NSW lockdown is bringing in some results as the number of infected people has decreased slightly. On Thursday, just 116 new cases came to light, and the total now stands at 2,298 with 10 deaths.