Coronavirus Update: A Series of New Restrictions Announced

Tightening a bit to flatten the curve

Coronavirus Update: A Series of New Restrictions Announced
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The coronavirus pandemic is not slowing down, so, countries are adopting stricter measures to keep people home. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also come up with new restrictions to ensure that the spread of the deadly disease can be controlled and people don’t leave their homes unless it’s urgent. It’s a coronavirus update you can’t miss.


The new restrictions are slightly stringent than the previous coronavirus restrictions we shared with you before. The new restrictions, which are a must-read for anyone looking for coronavirus update were announced Tuesday evening via a press conference where ScoMo was joined by Brendan Murphy, the Chief Medical Officer.

As per these new restrictions, there is now a complete ban on all overseas travel exceptions to which include work-related travel, essential aid and travel due to compassionate reasons. As per this coronavirus update, the group gatherings are limited a lot more. Weddings are now restricted to only five people and funerals to ten people.


According to the coronavirus update shared by the PM, food courts, beauty salons and tattoo shops will be closed. Barbers and hairdressers can remain open, but the appointments can’t run longer than 30 minutes. Open house inspections and real estate auctions are also halted for a while.

While sharing the new coronavirus update, ScoMo also said that people should stop congregating in groups and should go out only for essentials like exercising, medical reasons and shopping for the basics. He also strongly encouraged Aussies to work from home and discouraged the idea of having home parties. The new restrictions will come into effect on Wednesday midnight.


Along with the coronavirus update, ScoMo also shared that the country has one of the highest Coronavirus testing rates in the world. About 147,000 tests are already done, and there is provision for hundreds of thousands more such tests.


Here the rundown of the new restrictions:

  • Food courts in shopping centres (takeaway still allowed)
  • Beauty therapies
  • Tanning, waxing and nail salons
  • Tattoo parlours
  • Auction houses, real estate auctions and open house inspections
  • Outdoor and indoor markets (excluding food markets) to be addressed by states and territories
  • Massage parlours
  • Amusement parks and arcades
  • Play centres
  • Community and recreational centres, health clubs and fitness centres
  • Yoga, Barre and spin classes
  • Saunas and wellness centres
  • Boot camps and personal training limited to 10 people max.
  • Weddings limited to no more than five people (including celebrant and witnesses)
  • Funerals limited to no more than 10 people
  • Family gatherings such as barbecues, birthdays and house parties not allowed


Coronavirus Update: A Series of New Restrictions Announced
Australian Government


Admitting that Australians need to cooperate to make coronavirus update and restrictions successful, ScoMo said “To fight this fight, there are so many tools we have to use, but the people we need most are Australians listening, being patient, carefully understanding the things we are asking of them. We know it is a massive challenge to our lives but if we do it, and we do it consistently, and we do it patiently, and understandingly, that we will get through this.”

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