Lexus LF-Z – The Marques Concept Car is About to Become A Reality

Lexus promises to retain the prototype’s character

Lexus LF-Z - The Marques Concept Car is About to Become A Reality
Th Lexus LF-Z. Credit: Lexus

Often at times, concept cars are no more than a rough guess at the upcoming releases from a manufacturer. However, the well-esteemed Lexus LF-Z electric car prototype could become a reality. The prototype is stylish, modern, and has a futuristic look to it.


According to the manufacturer, the electric concept car, Lexus LF-Z would go into production soon. The models will be available for sale in the market around 2022. Perhaps, the best thing about this is that Lexus promises to retain the prototype’s character.

So, the design of Lexus LF-Z would be remarkably close to the original concept. Though, regarding the car’s features, there are not enough details yet. However, the manufacturer has stated that the car could arrive 14 months from now.


If that is true, the Lexus LF-Z would arrive somewhere around the summer of 2022. However, the release could get delayed until the fall of 2022.

Earlier when the concept of the car was first designed, Lexus was not too keen on reviewing it objectively. Hence, the manufacturer was quick to shun away the design stating that it would not get past the first phase.

Though, Lexus promised that certain design aspects of this car will be featured in the 2024 line-up. However, now it looks like someone at the headquarters decided to retract the statement. That Is for the good, though.


Without a doubt, the Lexus LF-Z prototype is among the sleekest ones recently. The car is essentially the same size as a regular SUV. However, the design is more of a hatchback. As a result of this, the Lexus LF-Z looks like it has come straight out of a Blade Runner movie.

The electrochromic glass roof and grille in this concept car seem to be the top favourite of Lexus enthusiasts. On the other hand, the interior is quite minimalistic yet futuristic at the same time.

Further details regarding the mechanical components and performance of the car would come later after manufacturing, though.


The Lexus LF-Z



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