Upcoming Dexter Season 9 Is Set to Revive the Once Popular Show

A show that was once loved by the fans came under a lot of criticism

Dexter season 9 teaser released. Image: Showtime

Fans are incredibly excited, as the new trailer of Dexter season 9 shows Michael C. Hall in the same tricks. Having delivered an excellent performance as Dexter in the show, he continues to leave the fans baffled.


The show is set to be released in the US somewhere around this year’s fall. Back in 2013, fans were not particularly happy with the series finale. As a result of this, a show that was once loved by the fans came under a lot of criticism.

That kept the fans hoping for a Dexter season 9 that could rectify all the mistakes that the finale had made. Well, looks like that is now happening, as Clyde Phillips, the original showrunner has now on board to revive this series.


Currently, Michael C. Hall is the only cast member from the original show. However, Dexter season 9 will add a number of new faces. For instance, the primary antagonist of the new season will be played by Clancy Brown. At the same time, Jamie Chung will play the role of the true-crime podcaster.

Based on the teaser, we have some hints for the location of season 9 too. Looks like Dexter moved on from Oregon and Miami. From what it looks like, he will be residing somewhere in New York. Overall, the snowy look of the new season is enough to give one the creeps.


In the season 9 teaser, you can hear “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” playing in the background. That is simply a hint towards the internal struggles of Dexter. At the same time, the trailer ends with Michael Hall’s dexter smiling right into the camera with one eyebrow gleefully raised.

Since almost ten years have passed since the last time, we saw Dexter on the television, Dexter season 9 will reflect the passage of time. That is based on the details that the showrunner has provided.


Dexter Season 9 Teaser



The Dexter season 9 will be here around the US fall. This means that in Australia, it would be premiering between September and November.


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