Xbox Mini Fridge – The Preorders Are About to Begin

The sleek unit costs US$99.99 and ships in December.

Xbox Mini Fridge - The Preorders Are About to Begin
Xbox Mini Fridge. Credit: Microsoft

The preorders for the Xbox mini fridge will begin next week for the Europe, UK, and US regions. Based on the current information, this mini fridge will cost $99.99 in the US. And it is expected to arrive by the end of this year.

Microsoft is partnering with GameStop, Toynk, and Micromania in Europe, Target in the United States, and Game in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, in Canada, the Xbox mini fridge will be available at the Xbox Gear Shop.

Xbox Mini Fridge - The Preorders Are About to Begin

Featuring a storage capacity of 12 cans of drinks along with two shelves designed to hold snacks, the mini fridge is truly a unique addition to one’s gaming room. Furthermore, with a DC power adapter, it also comes with a USB port that you can use to charge your devices.

The mini fridge is quite portable. Earlier, this fridge was teased at E3. Microsoft had promised that it would make a mini fridge if it defeated Skittles in a poll on Twitter. Since that happened, the company kept its promise.


Even though the shape of the mini fridge might be odd, the company dubs it as the “world’s most powerful mini fridge” that features the “velocity cooling architecture” by Xbox. Not only that, last year, the company also gave away full-size Xbox refrigerators.

Overall, the mini fridge is a unique product that has been born out of memes. As part of the marketing strategy, Xbox sent celebrity fans such as Snoop Dogg a larger version of the Series X Fridge.

If you compare the Xbox mini fridge with any other regular mini fridge, you will not find much difference. Though, the former does come with a USB port that refrigerators typically do not have. Furthermore, it is portable enough to be placed in the corner of your desk so that you do not have to leave the throne.

Xbox Mini Fridge - The Preorders Are About to Begin

Currently, the Xbox mini fridge is not going to be available in Australia. However, Microsoft has stated that it will expand its availability across other regions by 2022. So, just a few more months down the line, Aussies can expect to get their hands on it.


Xbox Mini Fridge


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