Squid Game Projected to Earn Almost US$900 Million for Netflix

South Korean hit series Squid Game is on track to earn US$891 million.

Squid Game Projected to Earn Almost US$ 900 Million for Netflix
Squid Game. Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s recent surprise Squid Game is projected to earn US$891 million for the streaming service. The show revolves around adults who have huge debts and are forced to play children’s games where getting eliminated means getting killed. The show has many stars like Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo, Lee Byung-Hun, who have all done well performance-wise.

Though Squid Game was conceived in 2008 by the director and writer of the show Hwang Dong-hyuk, it was rejected for many years. In 2019, Netflix became interested in the show and funded it, so it premiered on September 17, 2021. It became the biggest hit of the season and pleasantly surprised everyone.


The Netflix series gained a lot of word-of-mouth publicity, and there were many memes created on it that caught people’s attention on social media. Fans also dressed as the show’s contestants during Halloween and donned green tracksuits with white sneakers. As a result, the sales of white sneakers- slip-on Vans have gone up by 7800%, thanks to the Squid Game mania.


According to leaked data from Netflix, the streamer is expecting the Squid Game to Make US$891 (About AU$1,203) million in impact value. The budget of the show was just US$21.4 million. The metric describes the perceived number of new subscribers that the show will convince to join Netflix. So, it will help earn 40 times more than what was spent on the series.


Squid Game has reached about 132 million households. This number is more than half of the 209 million accounts that are subscribed to Netflix. About 1.4 billion hours of the series have been streamed since the release. It has been a month since the series premiered, and it is still on the number two spot on the service in the US. It is just behind a stalker series, You, that premiered on October 15.


Though the second season of Squid Game has not been confirmed yet, it will be released eventually. Netflix’s Head of Global TV hinted at the same sometime back.


Squid Game


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