Altered Carbon Season 2 Returns to Netflix February 2020

Your favourite Netflix sci-fi has a new lead actor

Altered Carbon Season 2 Returns to Netflix February 2020
Altered Carbon – Netflix

Netflix has revealed that Altered Carbon season 2 begins on the 27th of February.  Based on Richard K Morgan’s novels, Altered Carbon season 2, returns two years after season one was released on Netflix, and this time Takeshi Kovacs is played by Anthony Mackie instead of Joel Kinnaman.

If you watch this sci-fi Netflix series, you’re already familiar that characters in this universe can trade physical forms or “re-sleeve”, with their consciousness also moving between bodies. It’s no doubt quite handy if you’re a showrunner and want to swap in a fresh new lead actor for the following season.


Check out the teaser that Netflix dropped onto Twitter today:


This time around, Mackie is joined by Simone Missick, Detective Misty Knight of Marvel’s Luke Cage, as well as the Chris Conroy reprising his role as AI Edgar Poe. Altered Carbon was created by the co-writer of Alita: Battle Angel, Laeta Kalgoridis. 

In Altered Carbon season 2, Takeshi Kovacs will continue to find for his missing lover, Quellcrist Falconer, played by Renée Elise Goldsberry. Like the first season, expect an unsolved and brutal crime to drive the main story, and for this case to coincide with Kovacs’ search for his long-lost partner. 


According to some reviews, Altered Carbon didn’t quite make it to the best Netflix shows, and among mostly positive reviews for its unique and futuristic-looking first season, some called out the series’ excessive violence. 


Still, it quite good that someone is making a big-budget sci-fi TV series that isn’t part of the Star Wars or Star Trek – see also The Expanse on Amazon Prime Video, which just released its fourth season in December, and has a fifth season on the way.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted for more updates on Netflix’s Altered Carbon season 2.


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