Anthony Davis Buys Bel Air Mansion for AUD 39.5 Million

Anthony Davis paid $31 million USD for the new mansion

Anthony Davis Buys Bel Air Mansion for AUD 39.5 Million
The new mansion of Anthony Davis

It has only been a few months since Anthony Davis finalized a contract worth USD 190 million (AUD 242.3 million) with the Lakers. And now, the prominent basketball star has already decided to invest a big part of that money into a new home.


Based on some reports, the basketball star poured a big amount of money on the Bel Air Crest estate. The property is located in a gated community that is nestled within the mountains between the San Fernando Valley and Bel Air proper.

Bel Air Crest was developed in the 90s and contains around 200 homes. Most of these houses feature Mediterranean architecture with separate gates. Since it is a remote community with top-notch security, it is popular among celebrities.


Anthony Davis would not be the only celebrity athlete to become a resident of this community. It is also notable for housing Kathy Griffin, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Gordon Ramsay. It is the perfect place for all the rich lot.

Based on the records, Anthony Davis paid a whopping USD 31 million for the new house. It would roughly be equivalent to AUD 39.5 Million. Along with that, the also a USD 20.1 Million (AUD 25.6 Million).


Furthermore, based on the property records, this new Anthony Davis house features 8-bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. The previous owner, Ted Foxman had bought this property for USD 10 Million (AUD 12.7 Million).

He did some renovations and over the years. After selling it to Anthony David, Foxman has made a good chunk of profit. After all, the selling price is triple that of what he originally bought it for. The renovation costs and taxes would be significant though.


The new mansion of Anthony Davis


At the same time, Anthony Davis reportedly sold his last property in Westlake Village at a loss of a million dollars in 2020.

Rich celebrities and athletes like Anthony Davis often love to buy luxury properties. For instance, George Clooney has recently been trying to acquire the Provencal Estate (a luxury property set in the French countryside). However, legal issues and other factors might become a hurdle. Let us wait and see how that turns out.


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