Army of the Dead Trailer – Netflix Unveils Snyder’s Intense Zombie Movie

A heist in a zombie-infested Las Vegas

Army of the Dead Trailer - Netflix Unveils Snyder's Intense Zombie Movie
Army of the Dead.     Image: Netflix

In recent years, people have started thinking that Zack Snyder is synonymous with comic book heroes of DC. He recently got a lot of fame when Snyder Cut of Justice League was released. Fans should remember that the director is not all about DC comics. He can also work on Zombies (like Dawn of the Dead) and a recent proof of his affection for portraying zombies on the screen is the Army of the Dead trailer, which has a lot to offer. Here is the essence of the trailer and some story reveals.


The first full Army of the Dead trailer begins with an apocalypse going on in full swing. According to the trailer, the undead are contained within Las Vegas only, and the humble Lucky Boy diner is doing regular business. Then it shows Dave Bautista as Scott, an ex-military man who is enjoying peaceful retirement and working at the diner.


The Army of the Dead trailer then introduces Hiroyuki Sanada as Hunter Bly, who visits Scott and offers him US$50 million for one last job. Upon his arrival, the Dead’s premise also starts to emerge. After that, the Army of the Dead trailer shows Zack Snyder’s amazing cinematography in the form of different scenes like a helicopter flying over a sunset, a run-down shack, and a lonely rural road.


Soon after that, the fans get a glimpse of Scott’s backstory as he holds a military medal with tears rolling down his face. Obviously, something happened which led to disbanding of his team. Scott then gets blueprints to a safe, which we assume he has to get to. In order to get the task done, he calls upon his friends like Ana De La Regulera, who plays the character of Cruz, Omari Hardwick, who plays the character of Vanderohe, Raúl Castillo, who plays the character of Mikey, Tig Notaro, who plays the character of Marianne and Ella Purnell, who plays the role of Kate.


The Army of the Dead trailer also shows Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig, Nora Arnezeder as Lily, and Omari Hardwick as Vanderohe omega. The trailer also makes it clear that “there’s $200,000,000 in the vault beneath the strip,” and they need to get it in a “32-hour window” It remains to be seen whether the film will have a happy ending like the director’s Justice League or not. We guess not!


Army of the Dead trailer


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