Chris Hemsworth Reveals His New Extreme HIIT Workout Routine

Hemsworth is aiming to be in the right shape for Extraction 2.

Chris Hemsworth Reveals His New Extreme Workout Routine
Chris Hemsworth’s new HIIT workout

Now that Netflix has signed up Chris Hemsworth again for Extraction 2, the actor has returned to “shocking” his body again for some unmatched gains. However, going from having a god of thunder physique to a sleek black ops’ mercenary is not an easy feat.

However, you might be thinking about what the need for “shocking” the body is. Well, experts believe that once the muscles become too used to a particular type of workout, the gains start reducing. And that is why Chris Hemsworth is known for his extreme workouts.

Clearly, Chris Hemsworth is aiming to be in the right shape for Extraction 2. Hence, he is aiming for speed, agility, cuts, and not just for bulkiness. That is the main reason why the 38-year-old actor has just made a transition from heavy-weight lifting to functional bodyweight exercises.



Recently, Chris Hemsworth posted a video of his workout on Instagram, which quickly went viral. The actor can be seen doing a four-set circuit. First, he begins with punching the bag and then does a couple of core exercises on the ground, followed by some push-ups.

The entire workout includes 3 minutes of boxing, 50 air squats, 40 sit-throughs, 20 reps of various core exercises, and 25 push-ups. Chris Hemsworth says that this circuit should be performed 4 times. Furthermore, he also mentions that a 2-minute rest between each set is important.


Without a doubt, this current workout is not easy. However, it can be performed at the beach, gym, or even in one’s living room. For ease, the boxing can be switched with stairs run. Overall, it is a great way to shock the body for some healthy gains.

After all, there is a reason why Chris Hemsworth has chosen this workout routine to get himself in shape for the upcoming Extraction 2. However, as the actor also puts it, it is not easy. And that makes it perfect for those who want to push the limits of their bodies.


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