New Study Says Eating a Single Hot Dog Can Reduce Life By 36 Minutes

Compare it to the previous study stating that a single cigarette could reduce 11 minutes of your life

New Study Says Eating a Single Hot Dog Can Reduce Life By 36 Minutes
Eating one hotdog can shorten our life.

“Hot dogs are great for the body” – said nobody ever. Everybody understands the heart risks and other health risks associated with fast food. However, a new study by University of Michigan researchers found out that eating a single hot dog will take away 36 minutes of your life!

A single hot dog could cost you 36 minutes of your life

Now 36 minutes might not sound like a huge deal. However, put it this way. If every single hot dog was to remove that amount of time off your life, eating one a day means that in a year, you would lose at least 8 days from your life.

Previously, it was reported that a single cigarette can reduce 11 minutes of your life. In contrast, 36 minutes sounds like a huge deal. Similarly, during the study, the researchers also went through around 5800 items.



Based on a nutritional index, they were able to determine which foods will decrease or increase your life span and by how much. Among these, sugary drinks and processed meats turned out to be the worst of all.

Regarding this, the authors of the study stated, “We use the results to inform marginal dietary substitutions, which are realistic and feasible.”



So yes, a hot dog can certainly be bad for your body. Who would want to lose 8 days of their life per year by eating a hot dog every single day? Or in contrast, 36 minutes of life per day? Add that over the years, and hot dog eaters would be losing a significant amount of their life span.

However, the study also shed light on some foods that will help you increase your life span. For instance, peanut butter and jelly sandwich may increase the life span by 33 minutes. So, does that mean a hot dog for lunch with peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast will help you break even? Not necessarily.


For most people, losing 36 minutes per day is a huge deal, and hence, risking it may not be worth it. Yet it is difficult to understand the consequences until one looks at the bigger picture. That is when 36 minutes turn into days and possibly months.

Recently, scientists also found out that low-alcohol beer after workout could be healthy, but only if consumed in moderation.