The Biggest Reason For that Lethargic Feeling On Mondays

Mondays suck.

The Biggest Reason For that Lethargic Feeling On Mondays
Feeling tired on Mondays?

Have you ever wondered why we feel so lethargic on Mondays? As soon as Friday comes, along comes a lot of hype for the weekend. However, as soon as the weekend ends, one starts feeling rather low and tired. Eventually, on Monday morning, getting up from bed is a big struggle.

Feeling lethargic on Mondays?

You might blame alcohol, weekend parties, or your lack of motivation for your lethargy. However, The Genius Life author states that it is important to remain consistent with sleep if we want to avoid the lethargy that we feel on Mondays.


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According to the author, the lethargic feeling on Mondays is analogous to jet lag. The author recently captioned his Instagram post, “If you go to bed every weeknight at 11 pm but stay up until 3 am every Friday and Saturday (not to mention late-night eating), you’ve essentially crossed time zones for the weekend, causing you to feel literal jet lag” on Mondays.

Of course, the author’s argument does make sense. That is because science already agrees with the fact that one should keep their circadian rhythm in check. It is the biological clock of the body and refers to the various processes that the body experiences every 24 hours.


According to researchers, light is the biggest factor that impacts the circadian rhythm. However, staying awake through the time when the body should have been sleeping resets the circadian rhythm. That could be one of the explanations for our lethargy on Mondays.

Since a lack of sleep makes it difficult for us to work and concentrate, on Mondays, our motivation levels also tend to be lower. Eventually, this results in underperforming at work. But of course, this does not apply to everyone.


For instance, sometimes, businesses employ people on night shifts. Some night owls might perform better at night than in the day.

With that, some people might not feel lethargic on Mondays. However, they may end up feeling low instead. That is because they know that the fun days have passed and for the next 5 days, they will have to go to work again (the usual routine).

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