Three Different Movie Projects Planned to Portray the GameStop Saga

MGM and Netflix are working on GameStop saga related projects

Three Different Movie Projects Planned to Portray the GameStop Saga


The recent surge in GameStop share prices due to the Reddit mania has got people talking. Everyone from the Wall Street veterans to the media is discussing it. The story and the turn of events in GameStop saga are so intriguing that three different projects are even now in the pipeline to portray the interesting turn of events on screen.


The three GameStop saga movies

According to reports, MGM and Netflix are working on GameStop saga related projects. Reports state that Netflix is working on an untitled movie that will explore how one subreddit sent the prices of GameStop soaring and how it horrified the hedge funds, which usually profit when a corporation dies. Mark Boal is reportedly in talks to write the film.

On the other hand, MGM is working on a similar project that will be based on an unwritten book by famous author Ben. It tells the GameStop saga indirectly as it focuses on how Redditors humbled Wall Street.


Another project that is in the works is from Pinky Promise, which is an industry newcomer. It will capture the GameStop saga via a TV series. It will probably be titled To the Moon, and it will give the viewers an insider’s look at the trading revolution. As per reports, Pinky Promise has already had meetings with some top members of the Reddit group, trading insiders, and hedge funds.

The co-founders of Pinky Promise, Matthew Cooper and Jessamine Burgum stated “We’re working with long-time, active members of the r/WallStreetBets Reddit to make sure we tell this story correctly. It is a movement that could very well dictate the future of Wall Street and individuals’ beliefs that they can stand up to Goliath – getting this right is our top priority.”


There is no doubt about the fact that the GameStop saga is an interesting tale where the underdogs of Reddit gave Wall Street a bloody nose and had a kind of revenge for the 2008 crash that was depicted in The Big Street. In related news, Reddit mania that started with GameStop saga has spread in the precious metals market, and the price of silver has soared too.


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