Balenciaga Leaves Twitter.

The major fashion brand has become the latest in a long line of companies to leave Twitter amid ongoing chaos.

Balenciaga is the First Luxury Brand that Chose to Leave Twitter
Balenciaga leaves Twitter. Image credit: Balenciaga

Balenciaga has done something extraordinary. It has become the first luxury brand to quit Twitter. The brand had about 1 million followers. With this decision, the brand has joined some big celebs who already chose to leave the social media platform.

Balenciaga leaves Twitter.

The trend of leaving Twitter started when the world’s richest person Elon Musk took over the company. Some brands also chose to stay on the social media platform but paused their ad spending for a while. Balenciaga is the first brand that has left the platform entirely.


Since Musk took over Twitter, there have been drastic changes in the company, including mass layoffs. Even contractors looking after content moderation were fired, so the use of the n-word rose considerably quickly. Musk has also chosen to put the blue check marks up for sale. As a result, endless impersonations and fake accounts have popped up on the platform.

The sale of blue checks can have dramatic results. It happened recently when a “verified” account impersonated pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and announced that the company would provide free insulin. The company’s stock dropped over four percent, and billions were wiped off the market cap.


Musk realizes his mistakes and backtracking. He has asked some sacked employees to re-join Twitter. He has also scraped the work-from-home policy and demanded that employees work in the office. He also told them to “difficult times ahead.”

Before Balenciaga, several celebrities chose to quit the social media platform. Gigi Hadid and Shonda Rhimes are two of those celebs. Hadid even called the platform a “cesspool of hate.”


Though Balenciaga is keeping quiet about why it chose to log off, it has confirmed the deletion of the account.


Some other big advertisers have also decided not to use the website. It includes some big names like Volkswagen, Pfizer, General Motors, and General Mills.

A few companies have also deactivated their Twitter accounts. The names include theatre guide Playbill. Before quitting, it tweeted, “Because of its tolerance for hate, negativity, and misinformation, our time with the social media platform has come to an end.” It will be interesting to see if other luxury brands join the trend kicked off by Balenciaga.

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