Beat Morning Anxiety Disorder by Including These in Your Breakfast Daily

It is troubling as the person who has it wakes up with feelings of stress 

Beat Morning Anxiety Disorder by Including these in Your Breakfast Daily
Image: Melissa Walker Horn

Anxiety disorder is something many people have to deal with, and some do not even want to talk about it. Morning anxiety disorder is not an official medical condition, but it is troubling as the person who has it wakes up with feelings of stress.


One of the reasons people feel morning anxiety disorder is that the stress hormone cortisol is the highest in the mornings. Cortisol is also responsible for the instances when you go to bed anxious before a presentation the next day and wake up earlier than you intended to as cortisol beat your alarm. When a person wakes up, the blood sugar levels in his/her body are low, which also increases anxiety.


There are many tried and tested tricks people use to beat morning anxiety disorder. One method is to get to sleep earlier, not late in the night. Another is to practising better sleep hygiene by not just keeping the bedsheets and pillows clean but also keeping screens away from the bed. Some people improve sleep quality by trying white noise route as well (which might impact you negatively). So, you would be wise to skip it.


Some people also beat morning anxiety disorder by trying simple exercises in the morning and practising deep breathing exercises. Some people try to beat it by challenging thoughts that are designed to bring them down or make them feel low.


One of the healthiest ways of beating morning anxiety disorder, which is rising these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic is to reassess what you are eating every day and then find a better option. It would be best if you had a steadying and balanced breakfast routine that is somewhere in the middle of having fruit loops or trying intermittent fasting.


Some of the nutrients you can try to include in your breakfast are zinc, vitamin B, omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, etc. as they might help to calm down a person who has an anxiety disorder. The foods rich in these nutrients are berries, avocados, eggs, salmon, oatmeal, and yoghurt. All these are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibre, complex carbohydrates, and probiotics.


If you want to try these food options, make sure that you skip the excess salt sugar and butter. Also, skip caffeine in the mornings when you are battling morning anxiety disorder as it increases your heart rate and boosts sensations of restlessness that can cancel out the calming effects of a healthy breakfast and make you more anxious.


The information in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a qualified health professional regarding any inquiries you may have about medical concerns.