Israeli Company Creates The First 3D-Printed Rib Eye Steak

The scientists used swabs from cows and cultivated them in the lab

Israeli Company Creates The First 3D-Printed Rib Eye Steak
Rib Eye Steak.   Image: Hanxiao on Unsplash

Who does not like juicy steaks? Particularly, the rib eye steak has been very popular among foodies. However, due to the growing environmental concerns such as emissions of GHG by the meat industry and animal cruelty, they are slowly becoming less appealing to the general public.


The 3D-Printed Rib Eye Steak

Just recently, an Israeli company successfully made a lab-grown bio-printed rib eye steak that involving no cruelty to animals in the process. This steak is very much real, as it was created from lab grown meat – which is real meat, by the way!


To create this rib eye steak, scientists used swabs from cows and cultivated them in the lab. According to Aleph Farms, the company that created these steaks, harvesting and cultivating the cells is not invasive or painful. It is equivalent to a human taking a cheek swab.

While this process does not kill any cows, it produces real meat. This may be suitable for many vegetarians and vegans who refuse to eat meat purely due to the animal cruelty associated with it.


But that is not all, this rib eye steak is also grown sustainably. This means that there are no major environmental concerns with their production, unlike the production of regular meat. Indeed, good news for the environmentalists.

Furthermore, the company also claims that this lab-grown meat is just as delicious as a regular rib eye steak from the cow.


But on the downside, the rib eye steak grown in the lab will be more expensive in comparison to their natural counterparts. The main reason for that is the lack of expertise and resources. However, Aleph Farms aims to tackle this issue in the future, hoping that the production of such meat would be upscaled.

Apart from growing the meat, Aleph Farms is also using 3D printing techniques to create the rib eye structure. Previously, scientists invented a kit using which, one can grow steak from human cells – a fascinating concept.


While that may not appeal to many, this new rib eye steak cultivating technique going to be a lot more appealing to novelty foodies. For now, we could hope that the production of such meat will become more economically friendly in the future.


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