Mayweather vs Paul: Conspiracy Theories Surfacing Around the Fight

A video of a certain segment of the fight has gone viral

Mayweather vs Paul: Conspiracy Theories Surfacing Around the Fight
Mayweather vs Paul

Boxers have always struggled with conspiracy theories and corruption allegations. And that is not just limited to the rookies or newer lot. Some of the most famous fighters have dealt with the same. Now, the Mayweather vs Paul fight is also getting riddled with conspiracy theories.


In specific, when two fighters are only driven by reputation and money, the results might not be what one expects. Fans were quite underwhelmed with the Mayweather vs Paul fight with no knockouts. Yet, the single match made both fighters ended up significantly richer than they were before.


It is natural for the fans to assume that none of the fighters were intending to knock the other out in Mayweather vs Paul match. After all, a knock-out would have resulted in a serious loss in reputation.

Both Mayweather and Paul were enjoying the clout from heated discussions in the days leading up to the fight. But despite that, both fighters in the Mayweather vs Paul fight failed to land a single knock-out punch. True?

A video of a certain segment of the fight has gone viral. From what it looks like in the video, Mayweather may have knocked out Paul briefly during the match. Mayweather then seemingly assists Paul with staying on his feet. Of course, it looks like it was not a part of the “script”.


Mayweather vs Paul


Nevertheless, Logan Paul has dismissed all such claims. He specifically talked about these claims around the Mayweather vs Paul fight in an Instagram story. The YouTube star turned Boxer said:

“Yo, I’m seeing this narrative going around that, there’s one part in the fight where Floyd punched me and I kind of leaned on him a little bit. It looks like I kind of went limp.

“People are trying to spin it and say he knocked me out and caught me and kept me up to keep the fight going to the eighth round.

“Shut the f*** up. Like, just shut the f*** up. Like, stop trying to discredit what happened last night.

“Make no mistake, he got a lot of good punches in; there’s a couple of photos I got f***ed up in a couple of shots, I didn’t know my face could make that shape.

“But never rocked, never blacked out, never obviously got knocked out.

“He didn’t hold me up, he tried to take me out but he couldn’t. It was great.”


On the other hand, Mayweather seems to be quiet about all the conspiracy theories. Instead, he has been praising the fighting ability of Logan Paul.

The conspiracy theories about the Mayweather vs Paul match started surfacing immediately after the match when both the fighters were seeing with a smirk on their faces while they headed backstage. After all, both had bagged a significant amount of money from a single fight. A big payday for both.


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