The Most Attractive Ways To Wear Clothes, According to Women 

They’re really easy!

We will have to go over and over on this topic, it is time for men to be  fashion-conscious.  First impressions do last, and you don’t want to convey a vibe of not caring about what you look like.  Especially on our first meetups, you’d like to impress your woman.

A Reddit thread is now trending for its slick advice on men’s fashion—the tips, all from the ladies, everywhere. Here are the most important style bits, plus some styling hacks on how to achieve them. Take note, mates.


Roll up your sleeves


How to do it:  There are actually various styles, but the basic one, which works for most of long-sleeved tops, is folding the cuff (use it to set the width), until just below your elbow. You can also fold up above the elbow, as long as your arms are still comfortable and are able to move freely.

Wear nice fitting pants


How to do it:  Show those assets by making sure that your jeans fit your buns very well because women do notice.  Stick to straight or slim cut jeans/chinos/slacks (and stay away from those baggy pants, mates!). Get one that’s matches your body size, preferably they must fit your waist without needing a belt. The rear area should not be saggy or too tight —it should lightly hug your backside. As for the length, please avoid jeans that are too long and get very wrinkly at the bottom!

These style tips also work on those on the heavier side or those who do not have huge buns as well. Trust us, whatever shape you are in, a flattering fit gets on point every time!

Show off a really great shoe game


How to do it:  There’s more shoes than your favorite sneakers, mate.  So better start getting dress shoes (derby, oxfords, brogues), casual shoes (boat shoes, sandals), and heck, even boots.  The more shoe kinds you have, the more outfit combos you’ll get.

Layer them clothes


How to do it:  Whether it’s a blazer or a denim jacket or a bomber jacket, again, make sure that it fits you very well, the shoulder seams of the blazer/jacket should end where your shoulders end.  How to check?  When leaning against a wall, the shoulder seam and your shoulder should touch the wall the the same time.  As for the inside layer, a plain cotton shirt is your best (and most comfortable) option.