Different Leaks Confirm There is a Fortnite Marshmello Event This Weekend!

It’s time to “Keep It Mello”

Fortnite - Marshmello Event
Fortnite-EPIC Games and Marshmello

Fortnite fans who have been hoping for a live event for a while now have something to cheer about. Epic will throw an in-game Marshmello EDM concert. This concert will be inside Fortnite Battle Royale itself. Though information on the event is being leaked from various sources even as this article is written, here’s what you should know about the event.


The Fortnite Marshmello event will begin at 2 PM ET on Saturday at Pleasant Park.

Sources report that there might be a cosmetic bundle for this event. The bundle might include Marshmello skin, spray, and pickaxe, the pricing details of which are not known yet. It is being assumed that a player might be able to unlock these by completing a list of challenges.

Also, the players can kill each other during the party because the respawns will be enabled.

It will be an LTM or Limited Time Mode event.

A few leaked animations show “DJ dancing” which probably means that how Marshemello might act on stage.

The leaks of objects show that the Marshemello event will have speakers, lights, stage, etc.


The Fortnite Marshmello Festivus challenges a player should be ready to face are mentioned here.


The player should use Keep It Mello at an ice cream parlour, a trucker’s oasis and a frozen lake

A staged challenge will ask players to dance on top of a new Durrr Burger Restaurant, a concert stage, and a truck stop sign.

The players might also search for a showtime poster and then visit the showtime menu.


A few other events are also leaked as a part of Fortnite 7.30 live update. The events include a new NFL Rumble LTM that will take place in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday.


If, after reading about the Fortnite Marshmello event, you already wish for the details of the next event, you would be pleased to know that an event might be planned for the Chinese New Year. You can also expect an earthquake to introduce Season 8.


Chiller Grenade from the new Fortnite 7.30 update.
Chiller Grenade – Fortnite – EPIC Games

Also, you would be pleased to know that it is highly likely that Chiller Grenade would be added to the game. It is expected to be a part of the v7.30 patch.