The Answers to All Questions WandaVision Finale Left Unanswered

This Disney+ Marvel series sets up MCU’s fourth phase

Here's the Answers to All Questions WandaVision Finale Left Unanswered
WandaVision finale. Image: Marvel Studios/Disney

Warning: Spoilers of the WandaVision finale beyond this point.

The WandaVision finale was a big deal for MCU fans who have been waiting for Vision and Wanda’s story to end on a positive note. Sadly, things did not go too well for the dynamic duo as Vision and their kids had to be sacrificed to ensure that the Westview people are freed of the hex Wanda had accidentally trapped them into. The finale also left many questions unanswered and made sure that the fans ended up craving for more. Here are the answers to some of the questions.


Why Was Scarlet Witch Reveal a Huge Thing?

Though many fans have got an idea that Wanda will be the Scarlet Witch in the future from the day she showed up in Avengers films, the reveal of her identity was a big deal as MCU did not talk of Scarlet Witch till now. According to Marvel comics, Wanda or Scarlet Witch is a powerful mutant. Her reveal’s timing is in line with the plans for including mutants in the MCU in the future. Talking about Scarlett Witch in the WandaVision finale, Agatha said, “Scarlet Witch is not born, she is forged. She has no coven, no need for incantation. Your power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme, it’s your destiny to destroy the world”.


What is the Darkhold?

Darkhold is “the book of the damned.” In comics, it is a book of spells that is full of dark magic and descended from an Elder God named Chthon. As the book has also been mentioned in other Marvel TV shows like Runaways and Agents of SHIELD, it is a sign that Marvel Studios might be retconning all the other TV shows. In the WandaVision finale post-credit scene, Wanda’s astral self can be seen reading the Darkhold with intensity.


Were the Kids Real?

Though Wanda said goodbye to her kids and Vision in the WandaVision finale, fans have been wondering if the kids were real or not. Some people thought that the kids were just created from her magic and will cease to exist when she broke the spell. But as per the comics, the kids were reabsorbed in a villain named Mephisto, and their souls were born into other children who later became young Avengers. So, you will surely see Billy and Tommy again, and the goodbye in the WandaVision finale is not the last you will see of them.


Who Was Pietro?

In the WandaVision finale, Pietro was actually Ralph Bohner, a meat puppet who was controlled by Agatha so that she could trick Wanda into revealing her secrets.


Who is Second Vision?

The acting Director of SWORD, Hayward, created the White Vision by harvesting Wanda’s chaos magic from the drone missile that was sent inside the hex. The Vision in Wanda’s hex was created by mind stone. Wanda said that he was created by “the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me.”


Will Agatha Be Back?
In the WandaVision finale, Agatha was trapped by Wanda in the Agnes persona. But according to the comics, Agatha is a magic mentor and Wanda’s ally. So, it is highly likely that she will be back in MCU in the future. The WandaVision finale is not the last time you will see her.


What’s Monica’s Future?

It was clear from the WandaVision finale that Monica has got some magic of her own now. So, when a human agent, who later revealed himself to be a Skrull, asks her that some old friend of her mother would like to meet her, fans assumed it was either Captain Marvel or Nick Fury. So, Monica could be summoned by either of them. Rest assured, you will see her in the future of MCU.


Will there be a Second Season of WandaVision?

As many fans thought the show’s ending was not satisfactory and the WandaVision finale did not answer all the questions, there have been speculations of a second season. Let us bring you back to reality mates. The second season of this series is not coming. Even the WandaVision finale was called The Series Finale, not the Season Finale. That is a huge hint mates.


If you are also dissatisfied with the WandaVision finale, or you liked deciphering each WandaVision commercial, then your next dose of MCU is just 14 days away. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is coming soon, and after that, you can get some more MCU magic in Spider-Man 3 that will release this Christmas.


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