How to Use Colours to Define Your Style

Make the colours work for you!

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Nowadays, colour choices for men have increased even including “girly” colours like pink, purple, and yellow. But the thing is there is a fine line between looking fashionable, and looking like a fool. Here are some tips on how to use colours to define your style so as you won’t look like a funny caricature, that annoying overdressed coworker, or a government agent for that matter.


  1. Stick to the basics first – As the saying goes there’s no school like the old school, and grandpa is right when he says kids today dress like garbage. Stick to classic colours like charcoal, navy blue, and neutral colours. These are timeless and they fit all seasons so these are the best thing to use as a palette. You can even pay your local thrift shop a visit and find hidden treasure within.
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  1. Don’t overdo it – This goes without saying really. But just so you know too much colour makes you look like you’re trying too hard and don’t know what you’re doing. Just have one main neutral colour, and the one complementing colour, and this will create an outfit with colours to define your style statement. Never, ever try to look like a walking rainbow or a hippie.
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  1. The colour wheel – This is a tried and true method all designers use when thinking up their next big thing. Look it up and see what colours are ideal for each other and go from there. Take the hard work off your hands and use this to find out which colours are a good compliment and contrast between each other, and which shade works for which. Trust the colour wheel implicitly as this is a very carefully studied and universally accepted tool.
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  1. The colour block – Now this is a tricky one and needs a bit of trial and error. Best have a few friends take a look at you first for best results. But if you pull it off it is totally awesome. This technique is attributed to the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and combines two or three solid colors spit into blocks. This says you are brave and interesting since this technique can both set your style or tear it down. Look it up and you’ll see what I mean.
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In fact, using colours to define your style will aid you in many things whether you like it or not. So make a statement whatever your fashion statement is. You don’t need to worry whether you’re a skater boy, a punk rocker, a trained sportsman, or a serious businessman, for as long as you polish what you already have with these tips you will be taken seriously, and even be charming while at it.

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