United Airlines is Buying Overture Jets That Can Break Sound Barrier

New York to London in these supersonic jets would take 3.5 hours

United Airlines is Buying Overture Jets That Can Break Speed-Barrier
United Airlines

Do lengthy flights between continents bother you? Well, in the year 2030, you could fly on the new Overture jets that United Airlines is set to purchase. Boom Supersonic will be selling 15 high-speed jets to the airlines and high-speed air travel would begin in 2029.


However, United Airlines must perform safety tests first. If the jets pass the safety tests, there is a possibility that United Airlines may buy up to 50 jets. Of course, this would not come cheap. But travellers who have bigger pockets will experience lightning-fast international travel.

Based on estimates, the travel time would slash to half. After all, the Overture jets can break the sound barrier. So, you could attend your favourite concerts across continents and return in no time.


United Airlines is cutting travel time

A typically flight from New York to London in these supersonic jets would take 3.5 hours. That is not much. However, if you fly over longer distances, such as from Tokyo to San Francisco, it will take you a crazy 10 hours. With the United Airlines Overture jets, the flying time would reduce to only 6 hours at max.

At the same time, a flight from Dubai to Singapore which takes 7 hours, would take only 240 minutes. That is just equivalent to the run-time of 1-2 movies that you could watch on your way. People who routinely take lengthier flights such as Sydney to Los Angeles (15+ hours) can now take a sigh of relief.


Currently, United Airlines has not released details regarding the ticket costs of the Overture jets. However, it would not be lesser than AU$6500 at least. These new jets will also feature the J85-15 engines designed for military aircraft.

These engines produce significantly lesser noise and are very efficient. After all, they can break the sound barrier. However, this United Airlines service will not go functional until 2029 – 2030.


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