Essential Tips on How to Become an Alpha Male

Do you have what it takes to be one?

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Nature has proven countless times that the more successful males of their species are known as “Alphas”. The secret is that its all in the mind. Really it is. But before we get to how to become an alpha male we need to get into the mindset of the beta male. They, and you are likely one if you notice the following:

– Indecisiveness in how to act on something

– Feeling inadequate

– Needing others social acceptance

– Needing validation from others

– Not accepting themselves

– Insecurity

– Moody


And here are what alpha males usually think or do:

– They’re up to the task

– Know their flaws and are ok with it

– Consistent mood and personality

– They know they are good enough

– Act how they want to actually

– They give others validation

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Notice a pattern here? If you are a beta male you need to change your mindset. How to become an alpha male you ask? The hard part is understanding that you have flaws, are aware and really want to change. The rest is easy.

Start a good habit

How to become an alpha male means constant improvement. Improving yourself even the smallest bit every day will go a long way. It’s the difference between you and your boss, and you and that drug addict on the street. While it seems insignificant, think of the long term because the small changes are cumulative. Start a new and good habit like:

– Exercise or lifting weights

– Meditation, or mind exercises

– Read a good book

– Socialize more

I know it sounds basic and superficial and while not everyone can lift weights, these are just fundamentals. You can learn a new language, instrument, whatever you like as long that its beneficial to you and helps you forget old wounds.

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Out with the old, in with the new

The journey of how to become an alpha male is a transition. Once you have the fundamental habits down, this becomes much easier. You will need to weaken the old beliefs and reinforce the weakness to leave it behind. If you have problems that hinder you, you will need to know where it came from. Then ask yourself, is the person or situation that taught you this worth shaping the rest of your life with? Whoever the loser it was that taught you that insecurity, issue, or habit is not worth the rest of your life and its petty and pathetic to keep going like this.

Once you have the old habits die of weakness, find your purpose. Set a long term goal for yourself, make it transcendent among all others and win short term battles along the way. And be at peace with yourself and let no one or thing get in the way or let you do it differently. This is what you do when you ask yourself how to become an alpha male, and succeed at it.