Great Pre-Workout Secret: Start Drinking Coffee

Coffee is power.

Flat lay photo of a coffee in a ceramic cup.
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Let’s be honest, when you hit gym you always become self-conscious and literally everything-conscious: you begin to take care of yourself in every manner from how you dress-up, how you look, and what you eat.


One thing that is always on your mind is to find that magic potion for yourself. For some it’s a shake, most of them work on the mixture of supplements, for others it’s just plain water. But the great pre-workout supplement is actually the one you would least expect. Yes, we are talking about coffee!


Reasons to incorporate Coffee as your great pre-workout drink

Coffee would not just only be your go-to wake-up drink but it can give you same benefits that your supplement powder gives you pre-workout to hit it hard and go for longer sessions. Let’s not kid ourselves, caffeine hits the right spot whenever you need alertness and energy to keep going.


The stimulants and ingredients in coffee not only would increase your performance levels but they would also help youburn fat fast. Moreover, when you start taking supplements you might become addicted to them as they contain additives like beta-alanine and creatine while when you take coffee it’s just the sugar and milk you would be taking along with the main ingredient caffeine which itself can be considered additive but a healthy one.


Is Coffee Really the Best Supplement before work-out?

If you are a morning person and get early for gym workouts or long runs then this is definitely your best and great pre-workout supplement. If you like working out in evenings, then consuming coffee late in the evenings can be troublesome to get sleep at nights but since you would be working out already, it would go well and make you sleep at your usual times.


Besides, if you are a starter, going in to gym and looking around people who are ripped and muscular can get you in to pensive mood so drinking coffee can also prove to be an anxiety hack to deter those thoughts and help you stay focused and motivated for on your own goals as everyone has their own timeline to achieve their accomplishments.

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How to time drinking coffee with your gym routine?

It has been scientifically observed and supported by studies that caffeine hits its maximum concentration after 45 minutes of its consumption. And since you are about to hit gym, it would be ideal to drink coffee 45-60 minutes before you go in to your sessions as at that time, caffeine would had worked in your system in that duration and it would take five to six hours for these stimulating effects to last and the strong effect hits around 45 minutes so you should time hitting gym around that.